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Visa Cancellation Romania

The short or long-stay visa can be canceled abroad by the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania, and in the country by the border police bodies, at the occasion of the control for the crossing of the state border or at the detection of the persons who tried to cross. illegally the state border, or by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, when the foreigners are in the territory of the Romanian state.

The visa can be canceled in the following situations:

  • - it is found that at the date of applying for the foreign visa they did not fulfill the conditions provided by GEO 194/2002, republished, regarding the regime of foreigners in Romania;

  • - foreigners obtained entry visa based on false documents or information;

  • - foreigners introduced or tried to illegally introduce in Romania other foreigners or facilitated their transportation or accommodation;

  • - foreigners violated customs regulations or passed or tried to illegally cross the state border;

  • - foreigners entered Romania during the interdiction period, previously stipulated.


The visa may be revoked for the following reasons:

  • - foreigners no longer meet the conditions required for the visa;

  • - the purpose for which the entry visa was granted is not respected;

  • - after the visa was granted, the measure against the entry into Romania was ordered against foreigners or they were declared undesirable.