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Immigrate to Romania from New Zealand

Immigrate to Romania from New Zealand

It is possible to immigrate to Romania from New Zealand and stay within the country without a visa for up to 90 days within 180 days. However, for longer traveling purposes, you must apply for a long-stay visa (D-type visa) and a temporary residence permit from the Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration. You can extend your visit for work, study, family reunification, scientific research, or other purposes by obtaining the required visa. Our Romanian immigration lawyers will assist during the entire immigration process, and help you with the documentation and visa application.


Available​ visas in Romania

If you wish to move to Romania from New Zealand for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a long-term visa. These visas include:
  • The economic activities visa (D/AE);
  • - Professional activities (D/AP);
  • - Commercial activities (D/AC);
  • - Employment (D/AM);
  • - Studies (D/SD);
  • - Family reunification (D/VF);
  • - Religious activities (D/AR);
  • - Scientific research (D/CS).
Each visa has its requirements and procedure. Our immigration lawyers in Romania will explain in detail the process for visa application, depending on your traveling purpose.

Employment visa in Romania

In case you are immigrating to Romania from New Zealand for work purposes you need to gather the relevant documents to apply for the visa. The documents include:
  • - A copy of the employment permit issued according to Romanian legislation;
  • - Proof of financial means equivalent to the national minimum gross salary for the specified visa duration;
  • - Criminal record or equivalent document;
  • - Valid medical insurance for the visa duration;
  • - Proof of accommodation.
You need to apply within 180 days of obtaining the employment permit for the work visa. The duration of visa approval can take between 20-45 working days, depending on your specific case. We remind you that after arrival you must obtain your residence permit in Romania. Our team can help you relocate to Romania from New Zealand for work purposes.

Long​-term residence in Romania

To immigrate to Romania from New Zealand for a longer period, you must apply for a long-term residence permit. To obtain this permit, you must have continuously lived in Romania during the last 5 years, with no absence exceeding 6 consecutive months or a total of 10 months.
You cannot obtain long-term residency in Romania if you fall into certain categories. This includes having temporary residence for studies, being an asylum seeker, or having short-stay visas.
The long-term residence permit is valid for 10 years if you are a family member of a Romanian citizen and for 5 years if you stay in Romania for other purposes as provided by law.
We can help you relocate to Romania from New Zealand for extended periods of time. 

Statistics about immigration in Ro​mania

Our team has gathered some interesting statistics about the immigration trends in Romania in recent years. These statistics, provided by the OECD Library, show a significant increase in the number of new immigrants:
  • - 23,000 new immigrants obtained residence permits longer than 12 months in Romania (excluding EU citizens) in 2021;
  • - From that category, 66.3% were labor migrants, 15% were family members, 11.7% came for education reasons, and 7% were other migrants;
  • - In 2022, around 12,000 first-time asylum applications were registered, mostly from Ukraine, India, and Bangladesh.
If you have additional questions about immigrating to Romania from New Zealand, do not hesitate to contact our team for assistance and support