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Legal Help For Immigration To Romania

Darie, Manea & Associates is a Romanian law firm, providing assistance and representation in a range of issues related to:

  1. Immigration to Romania,
  2. Short-Stay Visa,
  3. Long-Stay Visa,
  4. Long-Stay Residence Permit in Romania,
  5. Romanian Citizenship.


Our primary goal is to offer hassle-free legal solutions and consultance for our clients interested in immigrating to Romania.

Since we are aware that getting a visa in Romania can be a rigorous and thorough process, alongside all the terms and conditions that must be met as an applicant, Darie, Manea & Associates is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers.

Especially when you are not familiar with the procedures and with the Romanian and European legislation on the matter, our team of expert lawyers in immigration can help you overcome all the difficulties.

We do not want to add more stress to your entrepreneurial or private life, so we gathered a group of lawyers ready to assist you with your inquiries about moving to Romania.

Our lawyers will get your situations solved faster than you expected, everything at a highly competitive price.

Our slogan is always respected: Trust And Experience

We make sure that you understand all the steps of obtaining the necessary permits as our attorneys explain the conditions, your rights and obligations as they are mentioned by the law.

Our lawyers will provide specialized legal advice tailored to each client’s particularities, as well as representation before competent authorities.

The accomplished Romanian lawyers in our team are consistently familiar with aspects related to multiple areas of expertise, being able, in this manner, to come with effective solutions.

Our solutions are designed to cover even the less expected legal features raised by more complex cases of immigrations to Romania.

We are strongly engaged in cooperating with our clients in order to preserve transparency and also to closely monitor possible distinctive traits that might translate into key-terms, for various circumstances.

Our most significant principles relate to highest standards of professional ethics, to our clients’ priorities and to cost-effective approaches, guaranteed by all proficient lawyers at Darie, Manea & Associates.