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Romania Digital Nomad Visa

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The new Romanian digital nomad visa was introduced via Law 22/2022 and sets forth a new regime for foreign nationals who wish to work remotely from the country while deriving their income from outside of Romania.
Our immigration lawyer in Romania is able to provide complete assistance to foreign nationals willing to apply for a digital nomad visa in Romania.
You can also reach out to us if you have any questions about how to relocate to Romania.

The conditions for the digital nomad visa in Romania

The following conditions apply:
  • -  The applicant derives income from a foreign company and is able to work using information or communication technology;
  • -  The applicant can also be the owner of a company incorporated outside of Romania and can work remotely;
  • -  Sufficient income, at least three times the average gross monthly income in the country for the last 6 months prior to submitting the visa application and for the entire duration of the stay;
  • - Medical insurance with a coverage of at least EUR 30,000 for the entire duration of the stay;
  • - Proof of accommodation in Romania, usually in the form of a rental agreement.
Upon request, we also provide details about the business visa, as well as other types of visas suited for long-term or short-term stays.
A digital nomad will not only require a visa for this purpose but also a permit attesting to his right to residency in Romania. The residence permit is applied for once the foreign national enters the country based on the visa and this can also be accomplished online. A special application is submitted with the General Inspectorate for Immigration and proof of lawful stay is also required. 

Documents required for the Romanian digital nomad visa

The following documents are conditions apply:
  • - Employment agreement with the foreign employer or proof of company registration for foreign business owners;
  • -  Letter of intent;
  • -  Provide a criminal record certificate and any other additional documents; sworn translations in Romanian are required.
Our immigration lawyer in Romania can give you more details and provide personalized counsel upon request. They can also help you if you decide to choose another country for obtaining a freelance visa, such as UAE, where it takes only 3-4 days to get it. 

Reasons to choose Romania for remote work

Some of the main reasons why applying for a Romanian digital nomad visa are the following:
  1. Affordable costs: the rent, food and transportation costs are lower in Romania, compared to other Western European capital cities;
  2. Good internet speed: the country’s internet infrastructure is developed, and has good connection speed;
  3. Networking: foreign digital nomads can find other likeminded professionals, both nationals and expats;
  4. A beautiful country: foreigners with a digital nomad visa in Romania will enjoy exploring the beautiful regions and mountains.
According to SpeedTest.net, Romania had the following median internet speed in August 2022:
  • - Rank: 54;
  • - Download speed: 34.22 Mbps;
  • - Upload speed: 10.57 Mbps;
  • - Latency: 25 ms.
Our English-speaking team will help you prepare the application for the Romanian digital nomad visa and will also assist you upon request once you arrive in the country. Moreover, our lawyers in Romania are also able to answer questions from various other areas of law, such as real estate, business law, and more.
A digital nomad who decides to remain in the country will usually only do so for a limited time. However, for those who decide to remain in Romania for medium to long-term purposes, our team can answer questions about the long-stay visa or, for those interested in a permanent relocation, any questions about acquiring Romanian citizenship by naturalization/application.