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Apply for a Romanian visa online

The recommended steps for submitting a visa application for Romania are the following:
  1. General information on the visa issued by Romania. By accessing the information sections of the E-Visa external portal, you have the documentation of interest regarding the visas issued by Romania.
  2. Identify the need to obtain an entry visa in Romania. When accessing the E-Visa external portal, by filling in the citizenship data, the visa stick, the type of travel document, whether it is biometric or not, in the "I want to inform" area, you will identify if you need your personal situation visa to enter Romania. The same thing can be done in the "Do you need a visa?" Section. If you do not need a visa, please refer to the "Entry Conditions in Romania" section to check the conditions to be met in order to allow foreigners to enter Romania.
  3. Completing the online visa application and attaching supporting documents By accessing the 'Request' button, in the 'Request a visa' section, initiate the process of completing the online visa dossier. For this process, you need to fill in a valid E-mail address and your agreement on the conditions of use and processing of personal data by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Within each step of this process, you will be guided by the data you are asked to complete. You can discontinue the process of completing your visa application and then resume it by using your received folder code and your chosen password. Unplanned visas (which have not been sent to the chosen diplomatic mission or consular office) will be available for 30 days from the date of filing the file and will be deleted after this deadline to protect the applicants' personal data. Please upload the supporting documents required for submitting the visa application in electronic format for consultation by consular staff of the diplomatic mission or consular office.
  4. Sending a visa request for validation. The visa application, once completed, may be revised and updated so that the information entered is correct and complete. Once you have completed all the checks, please submit the visa application file and supporting documents to the diplomatic mission or consular office chosen to allow the consular staff to validate it before submitting to the counter. The validation process is completed either by requesting additional information or confirming your consular staff's validation of your dossier. If additional information has been requested, please fill out this information and forward the dossier, reiterating these steps until your dossier is validated. Please note that for a validated dossier that uploads the supporting documents in the external portal, it may be avoided requesting additional information / documents at the time of your submission at the counter. You can proceed to the next step only if the folder is validated (it is marked as Valid) .
  5. Scheduling for a desk visit. To file the accompanying supporting documents supporting the visa application, you can schedule your appointment at a convenient timeframe for you, choosing from the available intervals at the diplomatic mission or consular post to which you are going to address. Personal filing of the visa dossier. Personal filing of the visa dossier is made by presenting the scheduled date and time to the diplomatic mission or consular office chosen. The visa file must contain the documents required to support the visa application, in original and copy. To apply for a visa, you must sign the application form in front of the consular staff and pay the appropriate fee. Verify the status of the visa application. The diplomatic mission or the Romanian consular office will inform you, by e-mail, about the settlement of the submitted application.
The status of your request will also be available by accessing the account associated with your external portal file. Once the request has been resolved, you can present yourself at the diplomatic mission or consular office where you have filed your visa application for the removal of your passport. If the visa has been resolved positively, the passport will contain the issued visa.
After obtaining the visa, foreign nationals can also apply for a residence permit for Romania online. The process is however conditioned by submitting proper documentation and our team can help you during this stage. We can give you complete information about the documents required in your case as per the conditions set forth by the General Inspectorate for Immigration. 
Are you already in Romania and need assistance with immigration matters? Our team can answer questions not only about visas, but also about short and long-term residency and even citizenship in Romania for those who have been lawfully living in the country for at least eight years (or less, if their spouse is a Romanian citizen). You can always reach out to us if you have questions.