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Romanian Citizenship by Descent

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Foreign nationals who have an ascendant family member who is a Romanian national can apply for Romanian citizenship by descent, provided that they can offer satisfactory proof of their lineage.
Are you unsure if you can qualify for citizenship by descent? Our Romanian lawyers can evaluate your case and will offer you details about your options and how to move forward with your application.

How to apply for Romanian citizenship by descent

Some foreign nationals who are already living in Romania may choose to do so based on their ties to the country. Others, who are of Romanian origin and may have chosen to return to the country, could wish to apply for citizenship based on their lineage or to regain their lost Romanian citizenship.
The following rules are in place for those who wish to apply for Romanian citizenship by descent if they have either:
  1. Lost their Romanian citizenship and wish to regain it;
  2. Have descendants who are or were Romanian nationals (up to and including second-degree relatives).
All applications for Romanian citizenship by descent are submitted and processed in accordance with the Citizenship Law. The following documents are required:
  • - Original passport and certified copy thereof;
  • - Two recent photographs, size-compliant;
  • - Criminal record issued by the authorities in the country in which the applicant had his or her domicile;
  • - Civil status documents, such as the birth and marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc. for the applicant who was a previous Romanian citizen;
  • - The parent’s consent for the minor to acquire citizenship – as applicable; Our Romanian immigration lawyer can give you more details about the prescribed form for this consent;
  • - Documents concerning the loss of the Romanian citizenship, as may be the case;
  • - Civil status documents for the applicant’s ascendants (parents or grandparents) showing their Romanian citizenship.
Please note that other documents may be required.

How you can gain citizenship in Romania through other options

An option to gain Romanian citizenship by descent can be extended to the child born of foreign parents (who is younger than 18 years of age) and whose parents become Romanian nationals. In this case, the child receives his or her Romanian nationality at the same time as the parents.
You can still apply for citizenship even if you are not of Romanian descent. In this case, your citizenship application will be through naturalization. This can be a suitable option for many foreign nationals who plan to immigrate to Romania, and it represents the final step in their residency, and then permanent residency status.
The main conditions for this route are briefly outlined below by our Romanian lawyers:
  • - The applicant has at least 18 years of age;
  • - He or she has lawfully resided in Romania for at least 8 years;
  • - A foreign national married to a Romanian citizen has been married and cohabiting with his or her Romanian spouse for at least 5 years from the date of the marriage;
  • - The applicant has a proven good behavior and loyalty towards the Romanian state;
  • - He or she can provide satisfactory proof of knowing the Romanian language; additionally, he knows the provisions of the Romanian constitution and the national anthem (needed for the naturalization ceremony).
Even if you do not qualify for the process of obtaining Romanian citizenship by descent, the usual 8-year period can be reduced by half in the following cases:
  • - The applicant has made substantial investments in Romania, of more than 1 million EUR; If you plan on obtaining a resident permit in Romania for investment purposes, our team can assist;
  • - He or she is an international personality;
  • - He or she is a national of an EU Member State or has refugee status (awarded according to the provisions in force).
Please note that each application for this reduction is subject to a case-by-case evaluation, and the applicant is required to submit adequate proof of qualification for this reduction.
Our immigration lawyer in Romania can give you more details about the requirements for citizenship by naturalization, as opposed to the option of being granted this status through descent.
Are you ready to submit your application or do you need more information and assistance with your submission? Contact us if you want to know more about how you can apply for Romanian citizenship by descent.