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Move to Romania from USA

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Do you want to move to Romania from USA? You will need the right type of temporary residence permit which suits your purpose of stay. Moving to a new country is an important step, and our team knows that foreign nationals coming to Romania will have questions about the mandatory submissions with the Romanian authorities, as well as the general application process.
We specialize in all matters related to immigration and our Romanian immigration lawyer can help you start your relocation journey. Whether you are relocating for employment purposes, or to start a business in Romania, we will guide you along the way and even help you with useful information once you are in the country.

Temporary residency in Romania

US citizens have the right to enter and remain in Romania for a period of 90 days in any given 180-day period without a visa. However, for those who intend to immigrate to Romania, a temporary residence permit is mandatory.
Your application for a residence permit can be submitted once you are in the country, but at least 30 days before the expiry date of your 90-day visa-free period. If you decide to relocate to Romania, you will need to arrange for the needed approvals according to your purpose of stay before you apply for the residence permit (i.e., secure employment in Romania, be admitted by a Romanian educational institution, etc.).
The following types of temporary residence permits are available to those who wish to relocate to Romania from USA:
  1. Commercial and economic activities: for US citizens who wish to start a company in Romania; an approval for the commercial activities is required in some cases, along with other permit-specific documents;
  2. Work and self-employed professional activities: for American citizens who have taken up employment in Romania with a Romanian employment or those who have been transferred here; entrepreneurs who wish to engage in sole trader activities need to provide proof of his/her qualification to engage in the respective professional activity;
  3. Study: you can immigrate to Romania from USA if admitted for studies in Romania, those who participate in an exchange program or education program;
  4. Scientific and religious activities:  for researchers who have received an approval from the Ministry of Research and Innovation, or religious workers, once they have received a special approval from the Romanian authorities;
  5. Family reunification: applicable to the spouse, minor unmarried children (including adopted ones) and first-degree relatives of a US citizen who is already a lawful resident in Romania.
As part of the requirements to move to Romania, the applicant will also be subject to a fee which for most temporary residence permits is EUR 120 (approx. USD 127).
If you want to move to Bucharest to handle business matters or to invest in real estate, our lawyers in Romania are also able to answer questions concerning the most important business, investment, or property laws, along with other legal solutions.

Permanent residence for foreign nationals who move to Romania from USA

For most foreign nationals, the temporary residence is followed by permanent residence in Romania. A US citizen who wishes to apply for this type of residence will need to comply with the following:
  • - lawfully reside in Romania for 5 years prior to submitting the application;
  • - during this time, leave the country for no longer than 6 consecutive months;
  • - leave the country for no more than 10 months in total.
Holders of the temporary residence permit for study purposes, for au pair, or seasonal work cannot apply for permanent residence. Our immigration lawyer in Romania can answer your questions about these situations.
In most cases, permanent residence applications are processed within 6 months. if approved, the applicant has 30 days to submit the rest of the needed documents for the issuance of the permanent residence permit.
Are you ready to move to a beautiful country in Europe? Our team will help you immigrate to Romania from the USA. With our help, the needed submissions will be properly taken care of and any needed communications with the Romanian authorities will be streamlined.
Contact us for assistance when applying for a resident permit in Romania and if you have any questions along your relocation journey.
We can also help you with your application for citizenship in Romania, if you are a US national who has been living in the country for at least eight years.