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Immigration to Romania – perspective unions and employers

Labor market and migration, it has become commonplace to talk about labor market issues from Romania. More and more companies are complaining about the difficulties they face in an attempt to find suitable people for the vacant positions of their own personnel schemes. According to data provided by previous research (including previous studies of the Soros Foundation) the most affected industries are construction, light industry (especially textiles) and HORECA (hotel services, restaurants and catering).

One of the causes of this situation is emigration - more than 2 million of Romanians (according to unofficial data, from independent studies, because there is no a credible official statistic in this field) is abroad. They were part of it of the active population and represents about a third of the labor force in Romania. Another commonplace of public discourse is that imbalances in the market The workforce needs to be adjusted to maintain growth. However, we do not yet have a strategy and policies that will produce concrete results in this regard.

However, several ideas are hotly debated by the actors involved. There is talk of return migration as a possible solution. In government discourse return migration, it is often presented as imminent and the Government has gone so far as to invest in campaigns promotion and job vacancies organized in the destination countries, so far without results. Another phenomenon in the field of international migration which can be a possible answer in the short and medium term is immigration, bringing workers from other countries. Finally, a third way is the reconversion of the active population involved in agriculture or who does not have the qualifications sought in the market (of course, with the risk that once professionally trained to find a job abroad).

Of these three major directions, immigration is the subject of this text.

A discussion on this topic may seem premature given the total number of foreign citizens in Romania exceeds by at least 50,000 (according to statistics officials, registered persons). There are a few cases known to the public - as they are the Turks at the Bechtel shipyards, the Chinese at the garment factory in Bacău or the Europa complex in Bucharest, the docks in Constanţa from Asian countries,

Migration and development 13 some more similar cases, but which did not reach the attention of the press and numerous individual cases. There are no estimates of immigration on informal routes and work to the black of foreigners in Romania.

However, there are several elements that lead to the conclusion that public debate on immigration and the establishment of principles to address the phenomenon are necessary: the experience of European countries, the fact that immigration is the only definite solution in the long run short of the lack of labor, the independent character of the migration phenomenon itself.