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Lawyers in Romania

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Our Romanian lawyers offer a wide range of legal solutions to local and foreign clients. We focus on immigration matters, however, our experienced team is able to answer key questions in all areas of law.
When relying on the assistance provided by a Romanian attorney, you can make sure that the process, paperwork, and submissions are handled according to the local requirements. Moreover, for foreign nationals who wish to acquire residency in Romania, working with a local lawyer will also streamline the initial communications with the authorities.

Legal Services in Romania

Our lawyers in Romania also assist local and foreign clients with the following services:
  • - Real estate: we provide legal support in matters relating to real estate law, purchasing residential and commercial properties in Romania, as well as conveyancing, real estate due diligence, and more;
  • - Litigation: you can rely on our expert assistance if you decide to file a lawsuit; our Romanian lawyers offer court representation for cases involving contract and intellectual property disputes, labour and employment law, commercial/business litigation, family law litigation, and others.
  • - Debt recovery: our attorneys can assist you during the different stages of this process, starting with amicable debt recovery and moving towards debt collection litigation, if necessary;
  • - Other solutions: you can rely on our experience in handling immigration matters, as well as issues relating to citizenship in Romania.
Please note that our legal services are only briefly outlined herein. For more details about our services and fees, as well as how we can best assist you if you are a corporate client, as opposed to an individual client, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our attorneys.

Legal Solutions for Investors offered by our Lawyers in Romania

Our lawyers have extensive experience in business and commercial law matters and our team includes experts in company creation who can assist foreign investors in opening a Romanian LLC or joint-stock company.
Foreign investments are permitted and encouraged in Romania, and there are no restrictions on nationality or full foreign ownership. Given the country’s natural resources and important developing industries, such as the IT sector, Romania is an attractive destination for foreign investors in Europe. Our Romanian lawyers can give you information about special permits and licenses, if you plan on opening a company.
The short-stay business visa can be the first step for foreign, non-EU/EEA entrepreneurs who wish to move to Romania for business purposes. Our immigration and business lawyers in Romania will help you not only apply for the right type of visa but will also guide you throughout the company formation process.
The steps highlighted below by our Romanian lawyers are essential for company creation in the country:
  1. Choose a suitable business form: usually, this is the SRL, the Romanian equivalent of the LLC;
  2. Select an available business name: we can help you with a preliminary name check and we suggest preparing alternative names;
  3. Draw up the documents: the Memorandum and the Articles of Association will be drawn up by our attorneys in accordance with the corporate laws in force.
  4. Register the business: this is a mandatory step, and it takes place with the National Trade Register Office;
  5. Obtain special permits and licenses: these are industry-specific and are issued once the business is registered by the respective Romanian authorities.
Foreign investors who open a company in Romania will need to observe the local taxation regime. However, a special micro-company regime in place for qualifying businesses offers a reduced corporate income tax rate. Our lawyers in Romania list the most important corporate taxes below:
  • - a 16% standard corporate income tax rate;
  • - a reduced rate for micro-companies, taxable at 1% or 3% of their revenue;
  • - a standard 19% value-added tax, with two other reduced rates of 9% and 5%.
Contact our Romanian lawyers if you are interested in immigration matters, how to obtain a resident permit in Romania, how you can start the company formation process, or if you have other legal questions.