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Personnel Relocation to Romania

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Personnel relocation to Romania is performed for a foreign national when the same job position is available in the foreign company’s Romanian branch or subsidiary. It can take place as an employee request transfer, or as a transfer per the company’s needs.
In order to relocate to Romania as an intra-company transfer, the foreign national will need to apply for and obtain a visa specifically designed for this purpose. This is the D/DT visa for detachment, and it is applied for after the employee has received the employer’s approval for relocation/detachment.
Our immigration lawyer in Romania assists all foreign nationals who wish to apply for a visa or have questions about their eligibility. Read below to find out more about the detachment visa and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you wish to apply for a different type of Romanian visa.

Issues to consider for employee relocation to Romania

Personnel relocation is a process that allows the company to move valuable staff to a new location or a branch/subsidiary that can use their expertise, and at the same time it can be valuable for the employee who will be presented with new career opportunities.
The eligibility of the foreign employee for the position in Romania is checked by the HR department and approved according to the company’s internal policies. The foreign corporation is also the one that can decide to offer a relocation package, with various benefits that can depend on seniority and other criteria.
The relocation of the employee is subject to obtaining a Romanian visa which is issued by the Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country of origin. The visa will allow the holder to obtain lawful residency in Romania, and the right to engage in remunerated activities.

Visa application requirements for employee relocation

The detachment visa (symbol D/DT) is issued for qualified foreign nationals who are the employees of a foreign company based abroad, that has also has a branch or a subsidiary in Romania.
The holder of the D/DT visa will carry out work-related activities on Romanian territory, and will continue to be employed by the foreign company, under its Romanian branch/subsidiary.
The following documents are required for a detachment visa:
  • - a copy of the relocation decision, issued according to law; exceptions apply in case of foreign nationals who will engage in scientific, educational, or other temporary activities in accredited institutions, based on bilateral agreements, as well as in the case of foreign national who will carry our artistic activities, based on a Minister of Culture order;
  • - proof of means of income, according to the minimum wage rates currently in force in Romania, for the entire duration of the visa;
  • - criminal record; travel health insurance for the visa validity period;
  • - valid passport and two recent photographs.
The timeline and part of the costs are highlighted below:
  • - The long-stay visa that allows for intra-company transfers/detachment, essentially needed for personnel relocation to Romania, is applied for within 60 days of obtaining the notice for relocation from the employer;
  • - Once the foreign employer has obtained the detachment notice issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the visa approval time is 10 days following the submission of the application;
  • - EUR 120 consular fee for type D visa applications.

How we can assist you

Our Romanian immigration lawyer can answer any questions related to the D/DT visa, the general process followed for the purpose of personnel relocation to Romania, and other specific issues. We assist both employers and employees who have questions about the relocation process.
Contact us as soon as you release the detachment/relocation approval for detailed information on how to apply, assistance in preparing the needed documentation, as well as representation in front of the Romanian authorities, if applicable.
For foreign nationals who have been living and working in the country for several years, our team can also answer questions about citizenship in Romania.