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Immigrate to Romania from Israel

Citizens of Israel do not require a visa to enter Romania, however, for those who wish to immigrate to Romania from Israel, a temporary residence permit, followed by a permanent one, is needed.
In order to move to Romania, all foreign nationals will need to apply for a visa when they intend to remain in the country for periods that exceed 90 days. This is possible for various purposes, and Israeli citizens may remain in Bucharest (or another city) for employment, business, or study.
Certain documents are needed when you prepare to relocate to Romania, and discussing the list of mandatory submissions with one of our lawyers specializing in immigration matters is useful. Our Romanian immigration lawyer is ready to answer your questions of you are a citizen of Israel who is ready to apply for a temporary residence permit.

Entry conditions for Israeli citizens

Israeli citizens can enter Romania and remain in the country without a visa for a maximum period of 90 days within a given 180-day period. For longer status, they will need to apply for a long-stay visa, effectively obtaining the right to remain in the country for longer periods of time. This type of visa for long-term stays is issued for the following purposes:
  1. Employment: this applies to those who move to Romania from Israel and have a valid employment agreement signed with a Romanian employer, or those who are subject to international transfers to a Romanian branch;
  2. Study: for citizens of Israel who have been admitted to a Romanian University for master’s or bachelor’s studies, or another recognized educational institution;
  3. Family reunification: for those who have a spouse, or another family relative who is already lawfully living in Romania;
  4. Business: for economic, professional, or commercial activities; included here are those related to opening a business in Romania, joining an already established company, or engaging in sole-trader activities.
You may also remain in Romania for periods that exceed 90 days for purposes such as scientific research, humanitarian/religious activities, or other purposes. If this applies in your case, our team will give you more details on how to immigrate to Romania from Israel based on your specific purpose.

Residency in Romania for Israeli citizens

Once you enter Romania based on a long-term visa, you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit, issued for the same purpose as your long-term visa. This is a separate submission, made with the Immigration Office attached to the Ministry of Administration and Interior. As a foreign national who wishes to immigrate to Romania from Israel, you will need to submit this application at least 30 days prior to the expiry term for your initial long-stay visa.
Once you reside in Romania based on a temporary residence permit you can apply for permanent residence. The following conditions apply:
  • - You need to have stayed in Romania continuously for at least 5 years;
  • - The maximum absence period from the country is 6 consecutive months;
  • - Alternatively, you have not been absent from the country for more than 10 months (inconsecutive) during the five-year period.
The permanent residence permit cannot be awarded to holders of temporary residence or to those to relocate to Romania from Israel for study purposes. Other conditions (and exceptions) also apply, we suggest contacting our team for complete information.

Assistance for those who wish to immigrate to Romania from Israel

Our team of lawyers who specialize in immigration matters can answer any questions about the types of visas, how to renew your existing visa when your goal is to immigrate to Romania from Israel, or how to change it if your purpose of stay needs to be updated (for example, when you finish your studies in Romania and wish to take up employment).
If you are an Israeli citizen who has been living in the country for several years, our team will also guide you if you are ready to apply for citizenship in Romania. The naturalization process requires that the applicant has not only sufficient lawful residency, but also that he or she has sufficient Romanian language knowledge, is financially independent, and complies with other rules.
Contact us if you want to immigrate to Romania. We assist foreign nationals irrespective of their nationality.