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Labor and Social Protection in Romania

Work permits

There are several ways in which you can work in Romania: as an employee, as a detached third country, as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur.


If you came to Romania as a permanent, trainee, seasonal or cross-border worker, you must first get a work permit, then a long-stay visa for employment and finally a residence permit.


To be employed, you must:

a) fulfill the special conditions of professional training, experience in activity and authorization, requested by the employer according to the legislation in force;

b) prove that you are medically fit to carry out the respective activity and have no criminal record that is incompatible with the activity that you carry out or is going to carry out in the territory of Romania.

c) you are in the annual quota approved by Government decision.


To carry out an activity in Romania you need a long-stay visa and a work permit. The work authorization is the official document that gives the right of the holder to be employed or seconded in Romania to a single employer.

You do not need a work permit if:

• you have the right of permanent residence in the territory of Romania,

• you have acquired a form of protection in Romania,

• you are a family member of a Romanian citizen,

• if you come from countries with which Romania has bilateral agreements, conventions or agreements regarding access to the labor market,

• if you carry out didactic, scientific, cultural or other specific temporary activities, based on bilateral agreements or a right of residence,

• if you are going to carry out temporary activities requested by public administration bodies or administrative authorities in Romania,

• if you are head of a branch, representative or branch on the Romanian territory of a company based abroad.

For information and assistance in other matters, you can confidently reach out to our team of specialists. If you are a foreign national who has been living in the country for at least eight years (or five years after marriage with a Romanian national), you can apply for citizenship in Romania. Our team will give you details about the other applicable conditions, as well as details about the application process.