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Approval of rehabilitation of the family with third country

Approval of rehabilitation of the family with third country citizens

You can get family reunification as a citizen of a state outside the European Union and the European Economic Area only if you are in possession of a one-year temporary residence permit, an EU Blue Card, an ICT license, a "mobile ICT" , a long-term residence permit, or you are a beneficiary of refugee status or subsidiary protection


For whom you can request family reunification

As a sponsor, you can request family reunification for your spouse, your unmarried minor children or your spouse, including those adopted and who are dependent on you or your spouse. I can come up with the family reunion and your first-degree relatives or your spouse, if they can not stand alone and do not enjoy adequate family support in their country of origin. Likewise, family reunification can also be done for your unmarried adult children or your spouse, if they can not self-sustain themselves for medical reasons.

I can request family reunification and unaccompanied minors, beneficiaries of refugee status or subsidiary protection, for first-line relatives or legal guardians, or if they are not or can not be identified, any other relative.


Special situations

If you hold a residence permit to carry out scientific research, or you are a holder of the EU Blue Card, an ICT license, a "mobile ICT" license, you can request family reunification, even if your residence permit is less than one year.

The EU Blue Card holders who, after 18 months of legal residence in the first Member State, move to Romania for the purpose of highly qualified employment, may request family reunification for family members with the obligation to present their permit of residence issued by the first Member State.


Approval of the request for family reunification

The first step to bringing your family to Romania is to get the IGI opinion. For this you have to submit a series of documents to the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration in the county where you live. Here is the list of these documents:


a. request;

b. marriage certificate / birth certificate or, as the case may be, proof of family ties issued by competent authorities, translated and legalized or apostilled under the law;

c. a statement in authentic form showing that family members will live with you;

d. a copy of the document attesting your right of residence on the territory of Romania;

e. proof of the legal possession of the living space for a dwelling declared as normal for a similar family in Romania;

f. proof of means of maintenance;

g. proof of insurance in your social health insurance system;

h. the written statement of the person holding jointly with the sponsor the joint custody of the minor child for whom the family reunification is requested, from which the consent to live with the sponsor on the territory of Romania;

i. a copy of the travel document of the family member for whom family reunification is requested;


The application for family reunification is approved if the following conditions are met:

a) there is no state of bigamia or polygamy;

b) the applicant has a living space considered normal for a similar family in Romania;

c) the applicant has means of support, in addition to those required for his / her own maintenance according to the law, in the amount corresponding to the national gross minimum basic salary guaranteed for each member of the family;

d) the person for whom family reunification is requested must fulfill the following conditions:


- have a valid state border crossing document, which is accepted by the Romanian state;


- not be included in the category of persons against whom the measure prohibiting entry into Romania has been instituted or which have been declared undesirable;


- do not pose a threat to national defense and security, public order, health or morals.


Requests shall be settled within a maximum of 3 months from the date of filing. You will receive the answer in writing and if the application has been approved, you will transmit the communication of the family members presenting it to the diplomatic mission or consular office within 60 days from the date of issue together with the long-stay visa application stay for family reunification.


The next step is to obtain a long-stay visa for family reunification, from the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania in the state where your family members reside.