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UK citizens migration to Romania after Brexit

At the present moment, until the Brexit takes effect, UK citizens that reside in Romania must apply for a Registration Certificate, this certificate is issued on the day of the request. The process is easy and fast in order to protect British citizens’ rights while living in Romania even after the Brexit, and even though a no-deal scenario might take place.

The intention is, for British citizens that got their Romanian residence before UK has decided to withdraw from the European Union, to have the right to keep their residence and working rights in Romania for a period of time. British citizens that came to Romania after the Brexit will be treated as non-EU citizens and will need to apply for a Residence Permit. This type of immigration to Romania process is much more complex and can last for 4 or even 6 months, since there are a lot of documents that must be obtained before the issuance of the permit of residence (visa, work permit, study permit, etc.).

If there will be a no-deal scenario regarding the UK leaving the European Union, UK citizens assigned to Romania and Romanian citizens assigned to UK will be subject for social security contributions in both countries. The UK Government has already started to prepare a guide in order to protect UK citizens in case of a no-deal scenarios by trying to sign reciprocal agreements with other EU countries (Romania included) in order to be able to keep the existing social security provisions until the end of 2020. Therefor, individuals will only pay social security in one country at a time, not both. In order to do that, employers must contact the country in which their employees are assigned and ask for guidance for social security payments. In the end, if the transitional period will be approved until the end of 2020, UK citizens assigned to Romania will continue to pay social security only to UK, being exempted in Romania. After the end of 2020, if there will not be any reciprocal agreement concluded, individuals will need to pay social security to both countries.

The no-deal Brexit means that UK will be leaving the European Union without any agreements. This also means that UK will be immediately leaving all EU institutions, have no access to the benefits of EU regarding medicines, trade-marks, checks eliminations or taxes on imports. But also, UK will no longer contribute to the EU budget.

Individuals might be affected on certain levels by a no-deal Brexit

The first effect will be on the pound, if it falls abruptly there will be delays at ports and some foods prices and availability will also be affected. Additionally, the main concern is regarding medicines shortage.

UK citizens that live and work in an EU country, including Romania, are advised to register as residents in the country they live in, but a no-deal Brexit will still make it harder for them to move across borders.

Also, if you wish to travel with pets, it will be much more expensive and complicated and European Health Insurance Cards will become invalid.

If you are an UK immigrant to Romania, do not hesitate to contact our Lawyers in Bucharest in order to help you be prepared for the worst scenario case.