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Residence In Romania

What can I do to obtain my residence visa for Romania?

The residence visa for state members of the European Union, for foreigners, can be granted under certain circumstances.

Despite the fact that each country has different laws and requires different documents to be provided, the process is the same.

Here is a list of the steps to be taken when willing to get your residence visa for Romania:

The first thing to do is to request the right of long term residence from the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration in your residence country, and after confirmation, you need to submit the documents for obtaining a long-term residence permit in the country you want.

The permit is valid for 10 years if you are a family member of a citizen of that country or for 5 years if you stay in that country for other purposes provided by the law.

In Romania, in order to get the long-term residence permit, you need to have stayed in the country continuously in the last 5 years, meaning that you haven’t left Romania for more than 6 consecutive months and no more than 10 months per year.

In addition, no order of removal from the national territory should have been issued against you.

The travels abroad for which you can provide written evidence will not be considered absence.

Also, it is important to know that the study visa is taking into account at half of the long-term residence visa and the employment or diplomatic visa, as well as seasonal work activities will not be taken into consideration.

Residence Romania

Are there are any restrictions for obtaining the residence visa in Romania?

There are some categories of foreigners that cannot obtain a residence visa in Romania, such as:

  • The ones who have the right for temporary study visa
  • You are seeking for asylum or benefit from a temporary humanitarian protection, or protection from the Romanian state
  • You have a diplomatic or work visa, or you have a short-stay visa

What are the required documents for the long-term residence visa in Romania?

If the ones from above are not your cases, than you can apply for a long-term residence visa, but you will have to provide a long list of documents:

  • The application
  • The passport or any other border crossing document (original or certified copy)
  • Proof of living space (original or certified copy)
  • Proof for fees payment

These documents are also necessary in the case of renewal of the log-term visa for residence.

What rights to I have a holder of the long-term residence Romanian Visa?

As a holder of the long-term residence Romanian visa, you have equal rights to Romanian citizens.

This means, you can work without an authorization if you have an individual contract approved by the Territorial Labor Inspectorate, you have access to education and professional development with full rights and you can benefit from tax deductions or exemptions on your global income.

Additionally, you have access to public services and goods and also to social protection and security, social assistance and healthcare.

For more information, and guidance in obtaining the long-term permit in any European country do not hesitate to contact our lawyers from Bucharest. We offer free judicial consultation.