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The Annulment Or Revocation Of The Visa

In some cases, the General Inspectorate for Immigration may cancel or revoke both the long term and the short term visa that has been granted to a person belonging to a country outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

While the annulment, as a sanctioning measure, takes place when the conditions provided by law have been breached before the visa was granted, the revocation occurs in case the breach of the conditions occurred after its grant.

Depending on the location in which the decision to cancel the visa occurs, the annulment will be adopted by different organs. This being said, while the decision of annulment of the short or long stay visa can be adopted abroad by diplomatic missions or consular offices, in Romania such a decision needs to be taken by the border police, during the control for crossing the state border or during identifying individuals who attempted to illegally cross the state border, or by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, when foreigners are on the Romanian territory.

 The following cases justify the decision to cancel the visa by the competent organs:

  • • at the time of the application for obtaining the visa, the foreign citizen did not meet the conditions imposed by the Romanian law on the regime of foreigners in Romania;
  • • the foreign citizen obtained the visa on the basis of false documents or false information;
  • • the foreign national has introduced or tried to illegally introduce other foreigners in Romania or facilitated their transport or accommodation;
  • • the foreign national has violated customs regulations or passed or tried to illegally cross the state border;
  • • the foreign national entered in Romania during the ban previously ordered. 

Regarding revocation of the visa, the law provides that this sanctioning measure is drawn in the following cases:

  • • the foreign national does not meet the conditions required by law in order to be granted the visa;
  • • the foreigner does not respect the purpose for which the entry visa was granted;
  • • after the grant of the visa,  a measure prohibiting the entry in Romania has been disposed against the foreign citizen or he has been declared undesirable.

Foreign nationals who have not had their visa revoked and who have completed a minimum of eight years lawfully spent in the country (or five years, if married to a Romanian citizen) can apply for citizenship in Romania. The evaluation of the application will also be based on the individual’s Romanian language knowledge, financial stability, and other criteria. Our team can give you details.

For further information on the annulment or revocation of a long term or short term visa in Romania of a person belonging to a country outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area in Romania, don’t hesitate to contact one of the lawyers of our team within the law firm Darie, Manea & associates that hold extensive experience in this field, providing full legal service, namely legal advice and representation before competent authorities.