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How To Immigrate To Romania

Our team of immigration lawyers in Romania can help foreign clients interested in moving to this country obtain the right type of visa according to their particular case. If want to immigrate to Romania and need specialized legal assistance, you can rely on our team of local immigration attorneys. 


Immigration to Romania refers to the conditions which must be met for the entry, stay and exit from the Romanian territory by foreign citizens, as well as to the rights and their obligations in these circumstances, at the same time regulating the terms of the entry in Romania of citizens of a Member State of the EU, the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation.

EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation citizens can enter Romania through any border crossing points by presenting a valid national identification document, but their stay for a period exceeding three months entails the obligation to register the residence.

Foreigners, under the regulations of immigration in Romania, are represented by people who do not have Romanian citizenship or nationality of another Member State of the European Union, the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation.

Visas for Romania

Foreigners wishing to travel to Romania for a short period of time may require the entry in Romania for reasons other than immigration, with the right to an uninterrupted stay or stays not exceeding a period of 90 days, during any 180 days prior to each day of stay in Romania.

The short-stay visa can be issued with one or more trips and is granted on condition of the fulfillment of several criteria established by law.

Equally, foreigners can be granted the right to long term stay in Romania both as a family member of a Romanian citizen, and for other purposes.

Thus, if you are a citizen of a State which is not a member of the European Union or the European Economic Area and you wish to enter and stay in Romania for a period of time for various purposes, such as:

- owning a business,

- commercial activities or professional,

- scientific research or religious activities,

- for employment purposes or detachment in Romania,

- studying in Romania or participating in a voluntary program,

- seeking long term medical treatment or for the purpose of family reunification,

you can obtain a long-term residence permit in Romania.

Our attorneys are fully committed to each step of the way, making your transition a smooth process so you can focus on the reason for your long term stay in Romania.

Family reunification is an important aspect of the Romanian immigration law and the Romanian legislation clearly and unequivocally defines the terms under which a person can achieve reunification by third country nationals or Romanian citizens, all the same regulating the steps to be taken in order to obtain the permit and visa required under these circumstances.

The long-term residence permit is valid for 10 years, if you are a family member of a Romanian citizen and five years if your stay in Romania is motivated by other purposes. Holders of a right to long term stay in Romania enjoy equal treatment with Romanian citizens regarding:

  • access to the labor market,
  • as well as all forms of education and training,
  • security and social protection,
  • healthcare and social care,
  • deductions of taxes and
  • access to public goods and services.


Since we are aware that getting a visa in Romania can be a rigorous and thorough process alongside all the terms and conditions that must be met as an applicant especially when you are not familiar with the procedures and the Romanian and European legislation on the matter, the team of lawyers from Darie, Manea & Associates is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers.

We make sure that you understand all the steps of obtaining the necessary permits as our attorneys explain the conditions, your rights and obligations as they are mentioned by the law.

Our lawyers will provide specialized legal advice tailored to each client’s particularities, as well as representation before competent authorities.

Immigration Lawyers in Romania


Marcela Manea is one of the managing partners of Darie, Manea & Associates law firm, practicing law for about 10 years.

Although Mrs. Manea owns extensive experience in many areas of the law, one of her main passions remains the Romanian immigration law, having her engaged in providing consultation and successfully solving numerous cases in this area of practice.

Mrs. Manea, alongside all the lawyers from the Darie, Manea & Associates team, is motivated by the satisfaction of each of our clients so that every applicant can obtain their visa and can enjoy their stay in Romania.

Work Permits in Romania

In case you wish to visit Romania, do not hesitate to contact us for legal advice. Our lawyers will handle all the necessary formalities so that you can focus on the purpose of your stay in Romania.

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