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Staying in Romania

If you are a citizen of a state outside the European Union and of the European Economic Area and you want to stay on the Romanian territory for a longer period of time for other purposes, you must fulfill a number of conditions, in accordance with the chosen purpose.

What do other goals mean?

The Other Purposes category contains a number of activities that you can perform on the Romanian territory. Thus, you can stay here: as administrator of a company, for unpaid professional training or as a volunteer, for long-term medical treatment or for other activities that do not contravene the Romanian laws.


If you come as a manager of a company you must prove that you fulfill the following conditions cumulatively: you have the capacity of company administrator, at the date of the request you are not an associate or shareholder in the company concerned or another Romanian legal person and you did not have these qualities in the last 2 years. Other conditions that must be met: there is no other foreigner in the company who has obtained a right of residence for this purpose, and the commercial company has made a capital contribution or technology transfer of at least 50,000 euros.

Unpaid vocational training

If you come to Romania for the purpose of unpaid professional training within an accredited vocational training provider or within a public or private sector company, authorized under the law to carry out such activities, you must have a professional training contract and you must have of means of maintenance in the amount of at least the average gross salary per monthly economy for the whole period inscribed in the visa.

For volunteering

As a volunteer in Romania you must have signed a volunteering contract with a legal person of public or private non-profit law, called the host organization, as well as a civil insurance policy. The contract will include mentions regarding the activity you are going to carry out, the conditions under which you are monitored in the performance of tasks, the working hours, and, as the case may be, the professional training in which you participate, necessary to perform the volunteer service. The host entity insures the accommodation, the means of maintenance and the medical insurance for the entire period of validity of the visa, the expenses and / or the pocket money as well as the possible costs regarding the removal. You must be over the age of 14 years inclusive, and if the foreigner is a minor you must have the consent of the parents or guardian regarding the stay on the territory of Romania for this purpose. The host entity proves that it has concluded a civil insurance policy, with the exception of the volunteers participating in the European Voluntary Service.

For long-term medical treatment

If you are taking long-term medical treatment, within the public or private medical institutions, you must submit a letter of acceptance from the respective institutions, stating the diagnosis and the duration of the treatment. It may also be with you a possible companion to assist you if you are unable to take care of yourself, but only if this is expressly mentioned in the letter of acceptance.

You can obtain a long-stay visa for the purposes specified above, from the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania. 

Remaining in Romania under a valid residence permit (that is renewed as applicable) allows the holder to apply for citizenship in Romania after eight years (five, if married to a Romanian citizen). In addition to the minimum lawful stay, the applicant will also need to prove that he/she has sufficient Romanian language knowledge, as well as comply with other requirements.